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    After 25 years of teaching people how to sing, I know a thing or two about voice production. 

    Voice coaches everywhere will say anything to make you buy from them but I won't. I could give you the big I AM and tell you my life story but I'm not going to. If you want a big sell then I'm not your girl. If you want exercises and vocal training that actually works then carry on reading and book a session with me.

    I have written a helpful free ebook for you to download.

    If you subscribe, I will send an email now and then with more offers and free stuff but I won't bombard you like some people do because that's not me. If you want something, come and get it.


    The question is, why does my coaching work and what will you gain from it?

    You will get valuable  inside information about vocal techniques and musical aesthetics from someone well seasoned in the art of singing, songwriting, production and coaching. I also have a BAHons (first class) in Music Performance. 

    I was in the music business as a signed artist and songwriter for over 15 years and have played many gigs including Wembley Arena and Ronnie Scot's. 

    Click the link  to go to my online course.

    Click here for a brief cv


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    Freya's testimonial:

     Freya never sang before starting lessons with Helen, she did not know she had such a voice! 

    She struggled with breathing in the right places,  staying in tune and knowing which octave to start on! 

    Before working with Helen, singing was not an option and now its her passion! She didn't have any musical knowledge, any technique and an idea that this could be a career! 

    Freya has achieved two Distinctions in Trinity graded exams, spent some time in a recording studio and most of all gained confidence! 

    Susan Dormer's Testimonial:


    I sorted out Helen to give singing lessons to my teenage daughter who has crippling anxiety and a recent autism spectrum diagnosis. 'Singing lessons' was the premise, but I was fundamentally looking for a therapy that would provide her with some joy and freedom in contrast to the incredibly difficult time she is having. It has been wonderful to see how Helen developed a relationship with my daughter and empowered her to find her voice, and experiment with composing and expression. Exploring singing and music has been wonderful for my daughter. It's been great to see the joy of the moment and more confidence in expression she has found with Helen's support. The nature of music as therapy made it accessible even when leaving the house was a great challenge for my daughter. It put a smile on her face and mine. 

    Alicia's testimonial:

    Helen's love and passion for music is infectious and I have loved every minute I have spent in her lessons over the last three years. In that time Helen has helped me expand my range reaching notes I didn't think I could, patiently explained and listened as I tried and finally (most of the time) learnt how to use my diaphragm and developed an appreciation of different genres of music and how to choose songs which suit my voice, often encouraging me to try and conquer music I hadn't heard before or was out of my comfort zone.  


    Helen has helped build my confidence as a singer and since singing with Helen, I have performed and sung at the Dance World Cup, won song and dance festivals and talent shows. Helen inspires you to just push yourself just that little bit more.


    Helen has been patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable while still ensuring the lessons are pleasurable and fun. 

    Hilary's testimonial:

    Before working with Helen:

    I wasn't any good with timings - coming in on time.

    I was no good at holding long notes.

    I was no good at repeating back simple tunes.

    After working with Helen:

     Helen gave me the confidence in my own abilities and to complete up to Grade 8 exam.

    She's a teacher who would encourage me to better myself. She taught me how to express myself musically. 

    I am now able to hold notes for much longer.

    I have learnt correct breathing techniques.

    I have composed my own songs. 

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