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3 Simple Simple Tips for Stressed Singers:

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

1.Practice deep breathing through the mouth.

Take a breath in for 8 beats, hold for 8 beats and then let it out for 1

Breathing consciously helps you to calm your self. It lowers your heart rate and encourages you to relax. Breathing through the mouth means you will take in more breath more quickly.

Here is something that will help you to focus.

2. Sing a whole song through on all the vowels:

A (as in far)

O (as in for)

I (as in free)

E (as in fair)

U (as in food)

Make sure you breathe at the end of each musical phrase and not in the middle. Your phrasing is created by your breathing.

3. Check that your tongue is relaxed. A lot of people struggle with a tight tongue root. Open your mouth wide! Expand the vowels.

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