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Are you 'RUDE' enough?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

What on earth do I mean here?

I mean, are your 'rudiments' in?

  1. How are you standing whilst singing? Are you in the right position? Check yourself in the mirror.

  2. How is your posture? If you're straining your neck then you're straining your vocal cords.

  3. Are you breathing properly? Taking enough air in? Breathing in the right place and not in the middle of a word?

  4. Are you placing the resonance/voice correctly?

  5. Is your mouth open enough?

  6. Is your tongue out of the way or acting like a gob-stopper?

  7. Are you listening?

Check the basics if you are having problems with a song. Don't get all worried or neurotic about it all. Check every basic thing, correct it and then if the problem is still there, dig a bit deeper.

Just ask yourself: "Am I RUDE enough?" and enjoy the process.

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