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New Academic Year 2021 September

This is my 25th year of teaching people how to sing, perform and song write. Where did the time go?

Over the years I have been teaching, I've had many students who have become professional singers, some who have been notably successful and some who have found the process therapeutic. No matter at what level people have come in at, they have left BETTER SINGERS and more confident, and, always seem to come back, even if it takes a few decades to realise who it was that started them off on the right foot.

You see, as a tutor, you have to forget yourself, your ego and your own 'talent' and style and allow the student to be who they are without imposing on them or judging them, that way they can grow into their best selves.

Not everyone likes my style of teaching these days. I used to be very strict (yes this is not strict LOL) but after the first decade, got tired of myself carrying the weight and responsibility of the student. I realised, if someone wants to learn something they WILL practice without being asked and they will listen.

I was blessed to have one of the best voice coaches in the UK. Glynne Jones. He taught Elton Jon, Shirley Bassey, Annie Lennox, Anita Baker, Heather Small and many others. He became my mentor for 20 years and he handed me his baton a few years before he died.

He is still missed but I can hear his Welsh voice in my ear shouting "DIAPHRAGM BACH, DIAPHRAGM!"

My lesson was always after Lenny Henry's and it was comforting to know that we all had to sing the same exercises and take Glynne's push.

I have always maintained the excellent technique he gave to me and in 35 years of singing, have had no nodules or problems with my voice.

I am now moving into a more spiritual side of voice production and sound ( but will always be here for those special students who want a great technique and lots of encouragement.

Here's to another year.

See you all soon xxx


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