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Nodules and how to avoid them!

Prolonged bad technique will produce vocal nodes or nodules which are rather nasty cysts like bumps on your vocal cords.

It's really important that you practice correctly.

Practicing badly is worse than not practicing at all!

Bad habits practiced are really tricky to break. So....

  1. NEVER push from the throat.

  2. Always use the diaphragm and abs to control the amount of air going over the vocal cords.

  3. Never crescendo using the throat

  4. Always LISTEN to yourself and be honest. Just stop if it's sounding pushed.

  5. Amplifying your voice comes by strengthening the abs, the diaphragm movement and expanding the lung capacity

  6. Don't run before you can walk - take time to develop

  7. No need to sing fortissimo all the time, relax and honour the musical dynamics

  8. Watch how you are speaking - are you speaking to high or too low for your natural pitch? This can cause strain either way. Find your natural level where the voice doesn't croak and take enough breath in to sustain your sentences

  9. Open your mouth and expand the vowels

  10. If you are unsure, ask questions don't just carry on in your bad habits


Here is a video of healthy vocal cords:

Here is a video of unhealthy vocal cords:

If you want to avoid nodules, then stop straining or pushing and have a lesson with me to put it right. I have worked with a number of people to help them overcome nodules successfully.

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