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Thank you for the music xx

It's been a challenging year for us all this year hasn't it?

If I hadn't had my lovely students and music to keep me going, I just don't know what would have happened! Music is my passion as is encouraging others to make it too.

I have been a musician all my life and I'm not stopping now. In fact, I feel like I am just getting started.

This year I have released 8 commissioned singles, recorded 80 or more Empowering affirmations, released 3 meditation albums and have more to follow. I've got a new jazz album to record and feel more excited about music and sound than ever.

I've also started a business based on my research of how sound affects the mind, body and spirit called 'find your voice and roar' and have written a 90 day healing program as well as short Empowerment courses using the sound of your own voice to create a better mindset.

I've learnt more about gardening that ever thought I would, now own 3 Sheep and 7 chickens and find myself mum to a teenager. I've co built a greenhouse (which means I now own 2 sets of tools and have arm muscles) and planted a garden. I've even bought a bike and a tent. One night in the tent was enough for me.... I am now buying a caravan as glamping is more apt in my 50s!

Music is my food of love and if I don't 'play' I get moody. It's taken a long time to realise that's my problem!!! (Ok smarty pants - some of you already know that ha ha).

SO, my fellow moody singers, in gratitude, my gift to you is to let you have lifetime access to all my online video lessons and exercises for the the price of ONE LESSON. This offer will last until the 21st December 2020 so don't miss it.

And, Thank you for being there over this last 12 months xx

If you want to take up the offer, just email me at

If you want to gain access to the videos you can PayPal me for the price of a lesson and get your passwords from me.

Every blessing to you, especially on the high notes!


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