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Winter always turns to Spring! 20 Benefits of Singing.

It's been a long Winter for all of us but during the coldest and hardest times, singing has revived our souls and given us an internal atomic massage!

The act of singing creates a sense of wellbeing even if we are sounding a little rough around the edges or unpracticed.

The benefits of singing are numerous:

  1. Singing lowers high blood pressure.

  2. It reduces anxiety and stress

  3. It opens the dopamine pathway (so is very good for those struggling with Parkinson's or MS

  4. It creates friendship and bonds people who sing together

  5. Our heartbeats synchronise when we sing together

  6. Stimulates the immune response (There’s some evidence that singing may boost your immune system and help you fight off illnesses - which include viruses!)

  7. Helps you to tolerate pain more effectively. As someone who works with sound as a 'sound-healer' 174Hz is very effective as pain medicine

  8. May improve snoring - but not in my case.

  9. Improves lung capacity (especially if you do the exercises I give you!)

  10. Helps with grief.

  11. Helps restore memories especially in Alzheimer's patients.

  12. Lifts your moods and relieves depression

  13. Improves your phonation and vocal articulation

  14. Aids concentration

  15. Helps those who have speech problems such as stuttering

  16. Makes you smile

  17. Improves your aural capacity

  18. Helps your vocal agility

  19. Helps you to come more sensitive to others through listening to the music/musicians play

  20. Make you more self aware through listening to your tone, ability and by observing the way you approach a piece of music eg: repetition, dynamics, improv skills etc.

Now you know all of this (and yes it has been researched) why not book your lessons with me either face to face or online.

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